Portraitbild von Strauß Matthias

  Scientific Career

 since 05/2021:

Dissertation on "Effects of Oxidized Food Fats on Fat Metabolism" at the Institute of Physiological Chemistry, Research Group: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Marc Pignitter, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria.

2018 – 2021:

Master study Food Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, AustriaMaster thesis: „Comparative analysis between the measurement of the shelf life of edible oils under non-accelerated and accelerated oxidative conditions”

2009 – 2014:

Bachelor studies Technical Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Bachelor thesis: „Untersuchung verschiedener stationärer Phasen auf Tauglichkeit für HPLC-Trennung von HALS-Lichtstabilisatoren“