All of our employees are responsible for teaching. Interaction with the students is particularly important to us, as we challenge and support you in laboratory exercises, lectures and seminars, as well as in research work in the context of bachelor, master, diploma and doctoral theses. We offer bachelor and master theses on the topics: fats, sweeteners and bioactive aroma compounds. Details on the research topics can be found under Research.

If you are interested, please send your application letter and CV to ipc@univie.ac.at

Bachelor- und Master-Curriculum Nutritional Sciences

Bachelor- und Master-Curriculum Chemistry


Master and Doctoral Exchange of the University of Vienna

DosChem PhD Programm Chemistry University of  Vienna


All details on the classes held by the Department of Physiological Chemistry in Nutritional Sciences (Directorate of Studies 33) and Chemistry (Directorate of Studies 27) can be found in the course catalog of the University of Vienna.







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Pattern for master theses